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Ek egaro (Bangladesh 2007-2008) by Mohiuddin Ahmmod

Bangladesh is an independent and autonomous country. Republic has won the 1970 choices due to a long movement against Pakistan. But this durability of the republic has been intruded upon numerous times. The military hindrance in the politics of Bangladesh was regular, occasionally more and occasionally less. One similar is one eleven. One has to read the book to know whether one-eleven military intervention is an ineluctable consequence of the current political extremity or whether it was a long-term plan behind it. The author, still, admits that the time has not yet come to reveal the whole verity. Hopefully, someone will punctuate it in the future. 

The book interviews those who were at the top of the army at the time, although numerous are reticent to be canvassed. Numerous have agreed to speak on the off-record. You should read this book to know a lot of information. The author is trying to give different references. However, he could have canvassed the elderly officers of the army and the leaders of the Awami League at that time, If the book was more complete. The book is a vast oil. A lot of anonymous information will be known. Which will enrich your knowledge. 

Book Details:

Book Name:Ek Egaro (Bangladesh 2007-2008)
Writer Name:Mohiuddin Ahmmod-মহিউদ্দিন আহমদ
Book Category:Investigative research
File Format:Pdf 
PDF Size:145 MB
Publisher:Prothoma Publications
Genre:Politics of Bangladesh
Total Book Pages:558
Book Languages:Bengali
Published Year:1st Published, 2019

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