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Best Selling WordPress Plugins till 2022

Almost anyone can make a plugin, but few can make a great one like these WordPress plugins, and almost no one achieves the level of excellence reached by its Team! They not only provide quality plugins, at affordable prices, with good update policies, but they back it all up with real people offering friendly and helpful support.

Best Selling WordPress Plugins in 2022

FileBird plugin is one of those things, that should be completely integrated into WordPress by default, especially if you work with a lot of image assets. This plugin really works as advertised. When you want a reunion site that has media that you need to sort by graduation year, as well as subject (pictures, scrapbooks, music files…) this plugin will really help you keep it all straight. It is easy to use and very helpful to organize a lot of media in WordPress. It is also a very handy and easy plugin and works just as it should. 
This is a beautiful tool to help you organize your files! You can separate photo's each month, even every day from monthly galleries. This is the best plugin to help organize huge image libraries. If you host many project galleries on your site, the ability to keep all of the media organized in a folder structure is pivotal to keeping our site clean and orderly. Couldn't do it without this plugin! 

Great plugin to keep your media files sorted in folders which save tons of time when making adjustments. Had a small issue which was solved within 24 hours! Excellent support and a great plugin! Without this plugin, it would be nearly impossible. And generally, it is nice and very useful. Works good, rare incompatibility fixed fast. Always updated. Some Problems are faced by users like 'couldn't get my license reset' but you will get a rapid solution from its developer team.

Bookly is a great system for taking bookings on WordPress. It will help you a lot and you will better solution for digital booking.  very happy with it. Always up to date and I think that's great. Also, the code quality is very good. There are no problems with the translation. Thank you and keep up the good work. Bookly has tons of features and that's why you can buy bookly. Its developer keeps updating the plugin adding features all the time. You can choose the Bookly plugin because of its nonstop improvement.

Bookly is a great system for taking bookings on WordPress. It has very fast and helpful support and the booking tool looks really nice. The only drawback is that you need to buy add-ons for features you expected to be in the Pro version (such as custom fields). If you don't need too much function, this would be a great choice, otherwise think about others first.

Some Disadvantages:

— Complicated (long learning curve, many clicks, many dependencies, illogical)
— An additional plug-in for every solution, even for simple things (expensive)
— No time to test on own server
— No money back! (No Go)
— No support on weekends
— SMS is too expensive and needs too many add-ons to make your plugin works.

3. Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Using this very nice collection of addons for VC for several years now. Until recently had a problem. Contacted customer support and they answer very quickly with a solution to a technical problem we had. We have this plugin for different sites, several times in use. It's a great plugin. Should a problem occur, e.g. in the .js area, then you have very fast and problem-free assistance. We are very satisfied with both the plugin and the support. 

Quick and human customer support. They ask you in advance how do you feel about the issue, so they let you vent if you are frustrated and have the proper contention and then solve the issue. Sometimes It can not be viewed in real-time, not happy with the quality of what we see as functionality - how I can request a refund?

4. WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Using this very nice collection of addons for VC for several years now. Very useful add-ons for great modern web design. Awesome Plugin does what other plugins don't do and packs a ton of features! Awesome customer support - they were able to correct error messages on my site that I couldn't figure out! Until recently had a problem. Contacted customer support and they answer very quickly with a solution to a technical problem we had. Quick and human customer support. They ask you in advance how do you feel about the issue, so they let you vent if you are frustrated and have the proper contention and then solve the issue.

Customer Support is friendly, prompt, understood the issue and was willing to respect the fact that we couldn't share our backend login details due to sensitive data; however, they recreated the issue on their end and solved the query very quickly! The plugin features are good but the code quality is poor and the performance is terrible. I suggest to the developer to review the code and concentrate on the performance issue

5. WordPress Automatic Plugin

It's a great product. After messing around with Insta feeds that kept breaking, we discovered this bad boy. The plugin actually imports the Insta posts individually as actual WP posts. Great for the client, great for SEO. Would be nice if we could get a deal for, say, several sites?

Best of the best so far. And the support is just amazing also. We are really in love with the work of this guy who created that plugin! This plugin will save you a lot of time and effort by posting new content to your blog or website. It is in the short fantastic plugin: code quality, feature-rich, A+ support system. Some disadvantages are available such as difficulty finding installation instructions and no response to support tickets but, once I figured it out, really pleased with the features and performance

6. ARMember - WordPress Membership Plugin

ARmember is actually a great plugin that we selected to manage our memberships on Prolinky. It's feature-rich with a concentration on marketing tools and integration with most of the famous WordPress plugins. We can’t explain how impressed we are with its developer support. In both of my support tickets, I’ve received solutions that have gone above and beyond expectations. You guys are truly doing a great service to your customers and we greatly appreciate it. 
As someone who’s tried Memberpress and other well-known plugins, we can honestly say that ARMember is hands down the most user-friendly and most underrated membership plugin on the market. We hope thousands more people discover your incredible plugin and amazing service ASAP! The support team for all of the hard work with us till we brought our work to life.

7. Ultimate Membership Pro- WordPress Membership Plugin

Highly customizable, Setup relatively easy, Documentation is good as well, Feature-rich. Powerful plugin with many options of the settings We especially like that we can have more than one membership per user. I have used many different membership plugins in the past. Ultimate Membership Pro turns out to be the most flexible and customizable one that has thought of everything a membership website might need! It is so easy to use, and the Extension tab allows for extra functionalities for free! Works straight out of the box and is very easy to understand.

The WooCommerce support makes the plugin able to have all kinds of payment gateways that are not supported by the plugin itself. This works well and I look forward to it being even tighter integrated into each other in the future!

Great customer support! When there were issues with my setup website, they fixed it 100% by advising me on some settings that conflicted. The plugin works as expected in the seller description and has some great extensions to it, making a newsletter website for a client work great.

8. EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

An amazing plugin with a myriad of available options! I've been using this plugin for quite a few years and it is always being updated. You may be confident EventOn will be around for a long time. Their subscription model assures their business strength. Besides the good quality of the design of the calendar, they also offer very fast and helpful product support!

The product has been great and works in all of the ways I need it to. Recent updates providing added design flexibility have been great as well. But what has really impressed me is the quick and responsive support. If you are in any issue that wasn't resolved within hours... most of which have been some kind of user error.

9. FS Poster - WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler

Excellent plugin for automating social media posts with comprehensive features and fantastic customer support! So far so good, excellent customer service and response time. The plugin looks great and setup up time so far is next to none. We really appreciate FS Poster, the quality is great, design, functionality, and support are awesome, one of the best plugins we have used, keep up the great work. It is better than sliced bread, or removable storage.

We highly recommended this plugin, if you wanna promote your business you should try this and great support team. We wish we could leave unlimited stars for you guys.

10. UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

11. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

12. Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

13. WordPress Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager for Media Management

14. YellowPencil - Visual CSS Style Editor

15. WOOCS- ooCommerce Currency Switcher. Professional Multi Currency plugin. Pay in selected currency

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