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Best Mobile Video Editor Apps 2022

Best video editing apps do not only need professionals working in the TV and movie industries. They are also a big choice for professionals use, Creators of YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok and all video sharing sites people want to make their activities videos look better. 

10 Best Mobile Video Editor Apps Of 2021

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor
  2. KineMaster - Video Editor, Video Maker
  3. Video Editor & Video Maker - InShot
  4. PowerDirector - Video Editor App, Best Video Maker
  5. VivaVideo - Video Editor & Video Maker
  6. Videoshop - Video Editor
  7. Video Maker for YouTube - Video.Guru
  8. FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube
  9. ActionDirector - Video Editor, Video Editing Tool
  10. Film Maker Pro - Free Movie Maker & Video Editor

1. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor

This app is, so far, the stylish videotape editing app I've planted! Not only if it extremely stoner-friendly and easy to use, but it has professional editing capacities! It's not like some of the other apps that you just poke a sludge over your footage, or you just click a button and it does what it goods it thinks you should do! You can literally do all kinds of stupendous stuff with it! Largely recommend this app!


  • Pro-quality video
  • Easy editing and video effects
  • Customize animated titles
  • Great sound
  • Multitrack timeline to edit videos
  • Made for sharing
  • Premium users
  • Advanced audio tools
  • Premium content library
  • Additional premium features
  • Advanced sharing automatically updates edits across all your mobile devices, and exporting in 4k is supported

                      2. KineMaster - Video Editor, Video Maker 

                      This is so helpful it helps me edit and I indeed made a movie on it its really delightful not laggy at all for me there are advertisements but they hardly show up and it's super easy to edit effects. Get your multimedia Sorted out quick! Easy to use. No experience is necessary. It has great tutorials. You can do anything you want in it. You can add filmland, recite audio, add music and combine all of that together into a videotape & share it. With KineMaster special goods, control how the images app
                      KineMaster makes videotape editing fun on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook! KineMaster makes it easy to edit vids with lots of important tools, downloadable content, and much further. KineMaster is fully free to use, but you can unleash indeed more with a KineMaster Premium subscription! A subscription removes the KineMaster watermark and offers an announcement-free experience. Learn more by tapping the crown button on the main screen.

                      3. Video Editor & Video Maker - InShot

                      It’s actually easy to edit any video quickly and it's really helpful app. You Don't have to learn much about editing to use this app. It has many features. If your looking for an easy app to edit or for making any video in your mobile this is the one.
                      Overall this is no joke a great app for editing videos and photos on the fly with Great quality and speed. We suggest this app to anyone who needs to edit videos or pictures and you don't need a high skill level for it is very easy to use.

                      Some Key Features:

                      • All-in-one Video Editor
                      • Music, Sound effects & Recorder
                      • Video Transition Effects
                      • Video Filters & Video Effects
                      • Text & Sticker
                      • Video Speed Control
                      • Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker
                      • Ratio & Background
                      • Easy to Share
                      • Professional Photo Editor & Collage

                      4. PowerDirector - Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

                      It is to be a bit unstable for large source clips during editing but that could be a hardware issue. Overall I have been using this app for over a year now and I am absolutely in love with it. Of course like anything there is room for suggested improvements or embellishments but as a whole, this product is robust, with a highly intuitive, reliable interface.
                      It has almost what you need for a quick and good edition! And it's worth paying for the premium plan, and even if you don't want it, the basic plan still good.

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Make stunning, high quality videos like the pros
                      • Unleash your creativity. Create high quality professional videos – fast
                      • Powerful editing tools
                      • Keyframe controls
                      • 4K resolution
                      • Speed adjustment
                      • Video stabilizer
                      • Animated titles
                      • Voice changer
                      • Chroma-key
                      • Overlays and blending-modes
                      • Upload straight to YouTube and Facebook
                      • Powerful editing tools to create every type of video

                      5. VivaVideo - Video Editor & Video Maker

                      Great app. But wish they had more editing tools to do reversal speed. They have speed option but not to rewind and I have the CIP paid membership. Also wish they had better music license options. Especially more Melanated Hip Hop musuc, R&B etc.
                      Had some trouble finding the FX but overall it's a good app! As far as the editor goes, it is great. For some unknown reason, the app stopped working unless I give it permission to access.

                      Some Key Features:

                      • High-quality video templates with magic effects and transitions.
                      • Easily add photos to make 10 seconds cool-short music video.
                      • Provide a variety of video editing features, such as cut, merge, copy, paste, split, drag, delete video clips.
                      • Supports 0.1 - 10x video speed change.
                      • Arbitrarily crop and rotate the video area.
                      • Free tiktok video maker with songs and lyrics. Use VivaVideo to make trendy short videos.
                      • Add voiceover to video, record your own voice and create your own custom videos.
                      • Combining videos clips to make one video, helps you create a video with ease.
                      • FREE video blur editor.
                      • Text on video with font and style.
                      • Add movie style video filters to video.
                      • Export video/movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K.

                      6. Videoshop - Video Editor

                      A legitimate Video Editor. Basic, Easy to use and or figure out. It is just Straight forward platform. No fancy gimmicky BS like other Video editing applications. You will continue to use this app. It's most likely to purchase the pro version. The pro version is a great price compared to other applications.
                      Easy to use, lots of the basic features you need to combine multiple clips and make a simple video, with transitions, etc. It's like that they don't require payment upfront or tick you with a trial period.

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Cut out any unwanted moments.
                      • Slow-motion (or fast motion): Adjust video speed to slow or fast.
                      • Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.
                      • Voiceovers: Record your own voiceover for the video.
                      • Animated titles: Introduce your videos with animated titles.
                      • Transitions: Choose from 4 transitions to animate between video clips.
                      • Photos: Create slideshows easily.
                      • Resize: Rescale your video within the video frame.
                      • High resolution videos.
                      • Share on your favourite social channels or send by e-mail.

                      7. Video Maker for YouTube - Video.Guru

                      Easy to navigate Update. It has become my go to source for editing my videos. It has everything which you need to edit, arrange and post my content. Super easy to navigate as well. It has everything I need to make my content look and sound professional.
                      There isn't even a watermark! The only tiny problem is that If you want all the really cool stuff, you need to buy pro version but I mean, if you stay free, you can still edit pretty sweet videos. Overall the best editor apps I have ever installed for free. But please PLEASE make it available on pc!

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Vlog maker and intro maker, tons of filters 
                      • Various BGM
                      • Adjust music volume, fade in/out options supported
                      • Add stunning movie style video filters and FX effects
                      • Magic video effects and stylish filters
                      • Video editor with music, fast/slow motion
                      • Background colour and video blur editor.
                      • Blur background to fit for social media.
                      • Enhance the video quality, support up to 4K
                      • HD export, no quality loss
                      • No watermark.
                      • Pro movie maker & video maker for YouTube, Instagram

                      8. FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube

                      This is a good app, you get good deals on the pro option. The one thing they should do is make the free druggies on this app be suitable to acclimate the size of the watermark, or at least be suitable to make their own. Like if u know cap cut the thing at the end, you're suitable to acclimate the clip and cut it out, make it kinda like that! Just a recommendation, thank you!!! 

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Free Video Editor & Video Maker
                      • Free Video Intro Templates
                      • Popular Shake video effect, Glitch & more
                      • Video Speed Editor
                      • 50+ text difference Animation & Cute Stickers
                      • 100+ FREE featured music in this lyric video maker
                      • Voice adjust volume, speed, fade or trim in this video maker
                      • video editor & movie maker that helps rotate video, crop video, compress and combine videos
                      • Create excellent double exposure effects from video overlays
                      • Export video in 720p, 1080p, 4K
                      • A seamless combination of videos and photos
                      • Green Screen & Chroma Key

                      9. ActionDirector - Video Editor, Video Editing Tool

                      Good but the timeline is difficult to use. There's no ability to zoom and the seek bar is really sensitive. Trying to stop at a certain point is difficult. It's annoying that it doesn't allow this because it would be the second-best app to PowerDirector if it did. Almost every video editor seems to lack one critical feature and it's usually something common sense, like this

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Effects for videos make any project come to life
                      • Edit video colour and apply brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments
                      • Trim and cut to focus only on the shots you want
                      • Add text and titles with shadow and border
                      • Add animated stickers
                      • Slow motion and fast motion let you highlight the action with precise speed controls
                      • Highlight video to replay or rewind
                      • Add and mix your own background music
                      • Share Ultra HD 4K video via social networks

                      10. Film Maker Pro - Free Movie Maker & Video Editor

                      This app works great and is super easy to use however it is hard to contact the company if you have any problems with your subscription or if lifetime Pro/vip gets messed up by an update. They will though absolutely rectify the situation it just may take some time.

                      Some Key Features:

                      • Free Video Intro Templates
                      • FX Video Editor app
                      • Video Speed Editor
                      • Text Animation & Cute Stickers
                      • Free Music Video Editor & Lyric Video Maker
                      • Transition Video Editor & Video Filters
                      • Clip Maker, Video Cropper and Editor
                      • Blending Modes Movie Maker
                      • Video Compressor & Converter
                      • Multiple Layers Video Maker & Multi-timeline Video Editor:
                      • Picture in Picture (PIP)
                      • Green Screen & Chroma Key

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