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CCleaner Professional Plus free download

Benefits of CCleaner Professional

Get more out of your computer! CCleaner, the number-one tool for increasing the speed and lifelong of your computer, gives you a momentary boost in performance. IT experts recommend cleaning your Windows PC daily. Professional IT organizations use registry cleaning utilities to urge the foremost out of their computers, and now, you'll use CCleaner too. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it delivers

Get an instant boost in speed

Computers often tend to hamper time. it isn't due to the hardware - it's because, over time, unused programs accumulate, often running within the background without you knowing it. Changes could even be made within the registry that isn't any more needed, and your cache file grows and makes response slower when you're surfing online. Cleaning out all of those unused, redundant and unnecessary files delivers a speed boost instantaneously, helping to stay you and your staff more productive.

All the checkup features:

Unlock the Speed and Security parts of checkup so you'll optimize your PC's startup process and update out-of-date apps to repair software glitches and boost your cybersecurity.
Keep your data secure and personal
Most companies acknowledge the necessity for a coherent policy on document retention and deletion, for the needs of privacy also as compliance. But once you legitimately delete a file, is it fully deleted from the pc, or is it still within the cache somewhere? you'll be leaving your company hospitable unnecessary review of documents that you simply have already legitimately deleted. a daily cleaning makes sure that what you've deleted is really gone. additionally, the use of CCleaner helps guard against the ill effects of employee use of unauthorized software - which slows down the pc and clutters the registry.

Software Updater:

Like the Security feature in checkup, Software Updater may be a separate tool that provides you with the prospect to update out-of-date software on your PC, which is great for fixing software bugs and boosting your overall cybersecurity. you'll find it in Tools > Software Updater.

Smart Cleaning and Scheduled cleaning:

Smart Cleaning lets CCleaner Professional clean your PC automatically once it detects a particular amount of junk files on your OS . this is often automatically set at a threshold of 0.5 gigabytes. you'll also found out CCleaner Professional to wash your web browsers whenever you shut them. you'll find this in Options > Smart Cleaning.
The schedule option in Options > Scheduling means you'll found out CCleaner Professional to automatically clean your PC on a recurring time and day of your choice.

Priority email support:

If you'd like help with our software or your license information, any tickets or emails you undergo us to get answered before customers using CCleaner Free.

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